Call for the Harmonic Innovation Contest – HIC

Registration is open for HIC, an open innovation competition that promotes the Harmonic Innovation paradigm and aims to accelerate projects focused on Digital Humanism.

Entopan, together with NTT Data, Fondazione Bruno Kessler and University of Calabria. has launched the Harmonic Innovation Contest, with the aim of selecting the best start-up, spin-off and innovative SME projects that, by leveraging digital transformation, are capable of generating significant spin-offs for the benefit of man, in the field of social and environment.

The Harmonic Innovation Contest (HIC) incorporates the development themes and trajectories identified by NTT DATA as central to the near future, and proposes challenges in full compliance with the growing attention to personal rights and the sustainability of business strategies. The Harmonic Innovation Hub (HIH) Program has as its objective the realization of an eco-system dedicated to innovation that will arise on the campus of the University of Calabria and which will be in service, in particular, throughout Southern Italy and cross-border countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

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