Open to work – entrepreneurship and initiative for new Turin’s citizens

On Monday 8 July, in the classrooms of the Open Incet, the Open to work course will start.

Open to work is a free 5-day course for 20 non-EU boys and girls between 18 and 30 who are in conditions of social marginality and job insecurity.

The objective is twofold: to provide the basis for understanding how to start up one’s own business and to pass on the knowledge of the fundamental tools for entering the world of work.

This dual nature of the path arises from the awareness that initiative and entrepreneurship are fundamental skills for undertaking one’s own business, but also for finding a job.

Nowadays, in fact, companies are looking for employees who are endowed with entrepreneurial skills and who know how to better manage the uncertainty and contingencies that occur daily in the company context.

Open to work therefore wants to bring out the unspoken entrepreneurial and professional potential on the territory of Barriera di Milano and beyond. The course is structured over several days, and aims to transmit the necessary knowledge and tools through frontal lesson modules and group learning-by-doing moments, functional to the consolidation of the concepts and to the experimentation of fundamental team dynamics in everyone’s career path. The realization of the project was made possible by the collaboration of different realities within Open Incet, promoter of the activity as well as Center for open innovation in Turin (located in Piazza Teresa Noce). The subjects who have decided to combine their energies to carry out this initiative are The Doers, the main partner of the project, a consulting firm that helps large companies to innovate, using the scientific-experimental approach; Disko, a digital agency specializing in the creation of interactive communication strategies; Conform, an employment agency that offers services to public administrations and private companies throughout the country and Impact Hub, a branch of an international network of innovators focused on building business communities for large-scale social impact.