Open INCET aims to become a connecting hub for different organizations and experiences, able to develop a shared way of thinking and acting among public institutions, traditional companies and communities of innovators.

Open Incet is fully committed to:

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connect “Quadruple helix” stakeholders, aligning them to focus on solving complex social challenges, the engagement process revolves around co-designing shared solutions

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support the creation and development of new enterprises, by facilitating the generation of new ideas and business models, with particular regard to boosting the capacity of social enterprises to emerge and scale markets

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match demand and supply of social innovations, through scouting, capitalisation and dissemination of good practices and solutions

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work on public policy Innovation processes that can play a significant role in the market uptaking of innovative products and services

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connect local ecosystems for innovation transnationally, by supporting the creation and development of innovation clusters

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build communities for innovation, facilitating the encounter between ideas and technologies, entrepreneurs and investors, start-up and business partners