Fabio SgaragliFabio Sgaragli

Fabio Sgaragli is Open & Social Innovation Manager at Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini. In this capacity, Fabio manages Open Incet, the Open Innovation Center of the City of Turin. He also oversees the activities of Fabriq, the first Incubator of Social Innovation of the Municipality of Milan, with its 20 social enterprises incubated so far.
He is author and editor of a number of articles and publications on Social Innovation, including the book titled “Building Social Innovation Ecosystems for Community Led Local Development” published by Fondazione Brodolini and a contributor to the URBACT Workstream Report 2015 on “Social Innovation in Cities”. In 2014 he chaired the Open Days European workshop on “Social Innovation in Cities” in Brussels and has led the project team for a DG Employment initiative on Social Impact Finance in the Lombardy Region in Italy.
He has been co-founder and manager of the PricewaterhouseCoopers global strategic unit on Corporate Social Responsibility, the largest change management effort at the time to turn the 150.000 people strong company into the most forward looking practice in the industry. Fabio has an extensive experience in consulting and capacity building with projects in 30 countries in the 5 continents.
Fabio has been an advisor for Europe to Creative Advantage, a US based boutique consultancy specialised on corporate innovation services for the private sector. Fabio is also founder of the MIT Responsible Leadership Institute.

marco rivaMarco Riva

Marco Riva is Innovation Manager at Open Incet, where he develops projects and policies to support the local innovation ecosystem. He is also advisor of the Department for Social Policies of the Piedmont Region, where he oversees social innovation policies.
Marco was for seven years the Head of “Research, Innovation and Social Policy” Department of Rosselli Foundation, an important research institute focused on Economics, Political and Social Sciences.
He has managed research activities in different fields: social innovation, knowledge economy, social policies, public finance, behavioral sciences, foresight and analysis of technological scenarios.

matteMatteo Dispenza

Matteo Dispenza began his career as a reporter for Italian television; he worked at Televideo Rai. He then began to work on web design projects and founded Libre, a creative digital group based in Turin. He is currently Professor of Innovation and New Media at Istruzione Tecnica Superiore Foundation in Turin.

patrizia sarogliaPatrizia Saroglia

Since 2001 Patrizia has been a researcher and consultant in the policy field, after graduating in Public Policy Analysis (MAPP) and since July 2015 she has been a project manager at Open INCET, the Open Innovation Center of Turin.
In 2002 she was the coordinator of the Eastern Piedmont Univeristy  Master in Local Development until 2009.  Since 2003 she has been the coordinator of a research centre in policy analysis settled in Torino (Lapo – Laboratorio di politiche pubbliche) where she conducts research concentrated on democratic innovation process, the analysis of decision-making, implementation and evaluation of policies related to strategic planning and local development, active labor policies and environmental policies.
In 2009 Patrizia was a Fellow of the German Marshall Fund (GMF), Washington, DC, in the Comparative Domestic Policy program (CDP) with a research project on employment policies for the inclusion of disabled people. She has been partner of Sociopratiche Association since 2013.

Caterina Borrelli

Caterina holds a master’s degree in “Foreign Languages and Literatures” immediately showing a great interest in international relations.
Studies and work experiences abroad strengthen her knowledge of foreign languages, as well as her inclination toward interpersonal relations.
Caterina works in the field of projects funded under European programs, tourism and language training; she takes part to the EXPO Milano 2015 helping developing countries by working in their Clusters, thus having the possibility to increase her knowledge of territorial and social development.