Social Innovation refers to the capacity of a community to generate system-changing processes that address social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges by bringing a permanent modification to the perceptions, behaviours, relationships and social structures that previously created those challenges.

The focus on solving social challenges by mobilising bottom up innovation communities explains the great interest of governments and policy makers in promoting social innovation initiatives. It is the opportunity for the public sector to do more with less resources, and at the same time to engage all actors in the promotion of economic and social local development.

The city of Turin has developed Torino Social Innovation (TSI) in order to address local territorial challenges. TSI is a multi-stakeholders platform involving an ensemble of 34 public and private organisations with a set of different competencies, strategies and tools that support and sustain bottom up processes to rapidly generate, prototype, test, adopt and scale new solutions to societal challenges.

Open Incet is a key element of the TSI platform, created with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness and the resilience of the local innovation ecosystem by complementing the existing innovation offer, attracting investments and establishing connections with other innovation local ecosystems at the transnational level.