URBAN Barriera di Milano closing

The Urban Commettee celebrates the end of Urban Barriera Program.

Urban Barriera is the latest urban regeneration program implemented by the City of Turin. The program consists of 34 interventions, acting through four intervention axes: physical-environmental, economic-employment, socio-cultural, as well as through a strong communication activity and social support.Open Incet itself is one of the results of this innovation process.

ICT Turin District

Open Incet hosts the ICT Turin District General Assembly to discuss about a year of work and launch of opportunities and collaboration with our Center looking forward to the 2016.

Social Innovation Citizen (SIC)

Open Incet hosts the last stage of the Social Innovation Citizen (SIC) project promoted by the National Youth Agency in collaboration with ItaliaCamp Association. The issue is the urban renewal and the reuse of abandoned industrial areas.

Young Antennas for Social Innovation

Within the project “Young Antennas for Social Innovation” Open INCET welcomes 150 young volunteers of the National Civil Service that will be engaged in a call for ideas to innovate the services in which they are working as volunteers.

Italian Excellence Park in China

Open INCET hosts a meeting organized by CENFOP on the opportunities that will be generated by the new Italian Excellence Park in China, a huge exhibition area of about 84,000 square meters located at the edge of the city of Hangzhou settled about an hour from Shanghai.


Cittalia, the research area of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) presents SEiSMiC (Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual learning in Cities). SEiSMiC is a project helping to tackle Europe’s biggest urban problems by engaging citizens, identifying social innovation needs, and contributing to future urban policies as well asresearch strategies.

Meeting with Varna City delegation from Bulgaria

Open INCET hosts a delegation from the City of Varna, Bulgaria. Varna will be the European Youth Capital in 2017 (as Turin in 2010) and has a great interest in the “Torino Social Innovation” program as well as in sharing tools and methods boosting youth creativity and social entrepreneurship.

Open Incet Official Opening

The official opening of the Open Innovation Center in Turin was held on 15 October 2015 with the public authorities introduction and a workshop on new models of local entrepreneurial development. The next day 16 October was held in the morning a meeting among 30 associations and entrepreneurs of the district and later in the afternoon more than 130 people visited the Turin Open Innovation Center place.