The WeGovNow platform is online: votes opened for the AxTo socio-cultural projects


The WeGovNow platform of the City of Turin is online to enable citizens to vote one of the projects under the AxTo Programme (Action 4.01: socio-cultural initiatives).

The WeGovNow platform is the result of an Horizon 2020 project involving the Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini as a partner of the consortium and Open Incet.
WeGovNow enables the collaboration between citizens and public administration by using a multi functional platform. The main objective is to support the transition from citizen as customer to citizen as partner in the delivery of public services, by involving them in decision making processes within their local neighbourhood.

The WeGovNow Platform has five functionalities that allow people to:

  • report local problems
  • discuss and vote for local policy action
  • network with citizens
  • pinpoint themes & related information on a local map
  • match offerings & demand for collaboration & support

You can vote until 23th March 2018 at 12.00 by registering at the WeGovNow Città di Torino platform at this link: