Project TEENS

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Training and Education for Entrepreneurship and iNnovation at School
November 2016 – January 2017

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On November 16th Open Incet launches the project Training and Education for Entrepreneurship and iNnovation at School (TEENS), the  educational path for entrepreneurship addressed to high schools in the context of the combined study/work experience.

The programme targets 55 teenagers 16  years old from three classes of the Bodoni Paravia Institute and aims at boosting the idea generation, as well as  promoting the education for entrepreneurship in schools, particularly focusing on innovation and social enterprise, a growing  employment market for young people.

Educational activities and group works are foreseen in order to test (on a small scale) how a business runs.

The ideas generated under this program will be evaluated by a board, and examined during the business economics class the students will attend.

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